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Concentrate Review: Beehive Extracts’ Mendo Breath Shatter Leaves You Gasping for More


The primary allure of Mendo Breath Shatter is its ability to cleanse the mental palate. Manufactured by Beehive Extracts, the shatter was made from the extracted resin of Mendo Breath, a flower bred from the crossing of OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage strains. As a  shatter, it provides a deep gulp of succulent terpene-infused vapors for the high-tolerance dabber.

Based out of Portland, Oregon, Beehive Extracts collaborates with cultivators such as Fractale Farms and Lucky Lion, according to the company’s website. Beehive Extracts left the 710 community buzzing after winning a first-place trophy as “Best Live Resin” at the 2016 Oregon Dope Cup. And after getting to take a few dabs of its Mendo Breath Shatter, I understand what all the excitement was about.

At home on the Monterey Peninsula and still operating on a residual sugar high left over from Halloween (Damn, I really need to throw the rest of the candy out.), I was ready to get my weekend started on an actual high by taking a quick rip and heading to the beach for a walk along the tidepools with my dog. But as most understand, the high from a great concentrate can quickly change a day’s plans.


Mendo Breath Shatter has an amber, glasslike texture. My little slab had solidified bubble-holes left over from the purging and drying process, leaving its smooth and polished surface looking like a pockmarked moonscape.

As I broke off a small dab and stuck it on the end of my dabbing tool, I waited for my electronic nail to hit its preset temperature.   


E-nail heated? Check. Carb cap ready? Check. Let’s do this. As I touched the dab of Mendo Breath Shatter to the ceramic e-nail, the dab melted with a velvety eloquence. I carb-capped, inhaled deep, and waited for the combination of activated terpenes and cannabinoids to work their magic.


On the initial inhale, Mendo Breath Shatter tasted like a vanilla-infused kush with undertones of sweet earth. Conversely, the exhale had a slightly more complex profile. The moment the vapor left my lungs, I tasted a smooth, hashy diesel profile.

The High

The dab redirected my initial intentions in a blazing moment of delicious glory. With mood altered and plans changed, I grabbed my wetsuit instead and padded out to into the ocean to catch a few waves. And the water was truly freezing, so you know it was true motivation. After a few minutes of floating in the lineup, then paddling from peak to peak and catching up with my friends who were also catching waves, I felt a renewed sense of spiritual connection with the ocean.