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Concentrate Review: It Takes a Dirty Arm Farm to Make a Clean Shatter in Lemon G13


Dirty Arm Farm’s Lemon G13 Shatter is a true craft concentrate for the dabbing connoisseur.

Based in Ashland, Oregon, Dirty Arm Farm won the people’s choice at the 2015 Oregon Dope Cup for their delicious live resin concentrates. Then in 2016, Dirty Arm Farm was the runner up for its live resin and first place for its CBD concentrate, according to the company’s website.

According to Dirty Arm Farm’s Weedmaps brand page, Lemon G13 Shatter combines the beneficial effects of the Lemon Haze and G13 strains. Just one dab of this captivating shatter provides a sense of mental inspiration and deep-seated energy.

Dirty Arm Farm’s Lemon G13 Shatter. Labelled as a live resin, Lemon G13 was tested by Kenevir Research and has a total cannabinoid profile of 77.8 percent. Each package contains 1 gram of concentrate.


Lemon G13 Shatter is quite simply a visual winner. Its golden consistency and opaque nature is how a high-quality concentrate should look. As I pried the shatter from its packaging, the amber-colored extracts displayed a shiny, glasslike texture, yet the shatter was malleable enough to make gathering it with a dab tool easy.


I turned on the e-nail in my home office and waited for it to hit 400 degrees Fahrenheit, or 205 degrees Celsius. As I slowly lowered the dab onto the hot e-nail, my tangy glob of Lemon G13 Shatter instantly caught my attention. As the dab melted into a vaporized cloud of terpene-rich pleasure, I inhaled and waited for the high to set in.


Lemon G13 Shatter left a distinct flavor on my tongue. Like a wine sommelier tasting a fruity Chardonnay, I first noticed the flavor was an interesting cross between sour lemon and a sweet, earthy undertone. As I allowed the velvety smoke to rest on my palate for an extended period of time, the combined flavors lit up my tongue’s taste buds with its complex flavor. After slowly releasing, l was immediately floored by a spicy lemon savor.

The High

My late-afternoon dab created a pronounced mind-set of deep personal enjoyment. I immediately felt mentally inspired, and more importantly, by the time I’d finished my second dab, the influential high had seriously motivated my inner procrastinator. The high from my two dabs of Lemon G13 Shatter not only motivated a lethargic psyche, it also allowed for increased levels of personal introspection.