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Concentrate Review: Savor the Power of Critical Concentrates’ Private Reserve OG


Critical Concentrates’ Private Reserve OG is a muscular extract with relaxing effects. Despite its power, there’s a sublime gracefulness to its earthy savor. In addition to its succulent, melt-in-your-mouth flavor, this budder-like extract integrates a complex array of compounds for our therapeutic benefit.

Critical Concentrates is based in California and was anointed the winner at the 2017 Southern California High Times Cannabis Cup for best sativa concentrate. Critical Concentrates’ accompanying Instagram post reads:  “The real wins are the stories that are never told.”

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#tangietuesday 🏆 The real wins are the stories that are never told. They come from the darkest of nights, the toughest days, the times when all the odds were against you, when there was no one there, and despite every obstacle, despite the forces that rose up against you, you kept going, you kept #pushing, you kept #striving for that #dream inside of you. Those are the moments that define you. Those are where the #realwins come from 🙏☝️ This award marked 3 years of #consistent #winning @hightimesmagazine #cannabiscup 🏆 3 years from 3 different locations that I setup and the first one from a room I built myself from the #groundup 🏆 I started all of this from #nothing 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 10 years later, if I did it once, I can do it again #andiwill 🏆 #strongerwiserbetter #consistencyiskey #hightimes #cupwinning #alwaysbeenallin #persistenceiskey #cantstopwontstop 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆💎#purpletangie 💎 X @zeinsteingardenz 💎 #criticalconcentrates #zeinsteingardens #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

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While the company was referring to the hard work it took to succeed in California’s highly competitive 710 game, it could’ve easily been referencing the underreported “wins” that occur on a daily basis, thanks to the therapeutic application of Private Reserve OG’s terpenes and cannabinoids.


Private Reserve OG is a bold, bright yellow pile of glistening trichomes. Despite the extract’s wet, crystallized appearance, it was actually desiccated and dry to the touch. Blessed with an impressive Kushy aroma, the Private Reserve OG reeked of diesel, pine, and musk.

But while I was excited to get this dab show on the road, I needed to come up with an alternative plan for dabbing after, as my bad luck would have it, noticing there was no butane for my torch.


On to Plan B: Since I was unable to easily replenish my butane supply, I turned to the ever convenient Healthstone pipe option. For those that don’t know, the Healthstone bowl is made of a porous ceramic material that resembles a tiny pumice stone. Otherwise known as the poor-man’s dab rig, these handheld dab pipes — or bowls — come in handy when there is a butane shortage. And because concentrates taste best when hit at low temperatures, a functioning lighter will suffice in a pinch.

With the dab of Private Reserve OG placed in the center of my Healthstone hand pipe, I slowly moved the flame back and forth over the dab until the concentrates melted into the ceramic nooks and crannies of the bowl. I hit and held the vapor for about 10 seconds and tasted as the dab’s initial aroma effortlessly morphed into a hashy potpourri for the taste buds.


Despite being hit through a Healthstone pipe, the taste from the vaporized extracts was remarkably delicate and satisfying. While the initial smell was layered with intense aromatics, the hit revealed its skunky underbelly. And for most OG admirers, this is not a problem. In fact, it’s a good thing. A pungent and relaxing treat for the senses, my dab of Private Reserve OG delivered both a tantalizing flavor profile and a euphoric sense of relief.

The High

After my first hit of these top-shelf extracts, I felt an immediate sense of relief. As the hit of  remedial compounds eased me into a peaceful state of mind soothing my aches and pains I felt an immediate sense of comfort. Replacing my angst with the captivating rush of a heavy high, the Healthsone dab left me pondering whether I should leave the safety of my house and face the real world, or sit back and enjoy the ride.